EST 2010

"Now I’m in the basement of the house 1/2 mile from where I grew up holding a box of my father's sins." - Brian Cohn

Created by: Joshua Hale Fialkov
Key Artist: Rahsan Ekedal
Genre: Horror/Psychological

The First Shocking Suspense Series from Minotaur!

To some extent we all live in the shadows and inherit the sins of our fathers. Brian Cohn is dealing with it more than most. Already managing schizophrenia inherited from his father and expecting his first child with his wife, Brian is shocked when his father confesses to the murder of numerous young girls on his death bed in an Alzheimer's induced rant. Now struggling to rectify his memories of his father with the evidence of the evil monster he may have actually been, Brian's life is further shook when new bodies begin to surface. The killer has returned and Brian is terrified that it might be him.

Brian Cohn is expecting his first child with his wife Nicole. It should be a joyous time in his life, but he is dealing with his father Martin, who has been hospitalized for Alzheimer's. To top it all off, the stress is amplifying Brian's schizophrenia, which is normally controlled through regimented medication. On his death bed, Martin begins to mutter non-sensical bits of information about an old home and bodies of young girls. He begs Brian to go find a lockbox in the basement as he passes away. Brian, shocked and unnerved, goes to the old home and finding it abandoned makes his way into the basement. There he makes a horrifying, shocking discovery. In a crawlspace under the house, Brian finds an old lockbox filled with tiny, handmade flesh and hair dolls, each with labels indicating names, ages, birth dates, and death dates. As he scrambles back from the macabre trophy case, he realizes that the entire crawl space is littered with tiny, childlike bones and skulls. 

Brian is torn and crushed. This disgusting discovery doesn't match up to the memory of his father. He was distant and stoic at times, but a serial killer who preyed on little girls? It can't be. At least, the damage is done and Martin is dead. But the story doesn't end there, because soon new girls begin to go missing. Police Detective Robert Neville comes to see Brian because his car was spotted near the last place one of the girls was seen. Neville strikes up a friendship with Brian, who becomes more and more nervous that he may be the key suspect. And as the stress and guilt build and his sanity begins to unravel, he's left to wonder if he isn't just an echo of his father?

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