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EST 2009

Created by: Christos Gage
Key Artists: Jorge Lucas
Genre: Action/Adventure

Nick Bellamy is a man out of time –aged, but still vital, trapped in a world of organic whole-grain transfat-free diets and pansies driving Priuses and Mini Coopers. Thirty years ago, Nick and his crew ripped off the Vegas mob and got away with it. Now Nick’s past has come back to haunt him and the mobster he screwed over, Gianelli, is back for revenge. But Nick isn’t going down without a brutal, nasty fight. It’s time to get the old crew back together…

Imagine a noir badass out of Chandler or Spillane –a twofisted man of the postwar years venting his righteous wrath on our pansy-ass era of Priuses, Blackberries and organic whole-grain trans-fat-free diets. A man aged but still vital, who’s lost everything he cares about except for two things: revenge…and the chance to die with his guns blazing. Thirty years ago, Vegas legbreaker Nick Bellamy and his crew pulled off the fabled “One Last Heist,” ripping off a mob boss to set them up for life...and they got away with it.

But now the mobster, Gianelli, is out of jail and out for revenge. Nick had a longer run than he ever imagined. He knows his life is at an end. But he’ll be damned if he’s going to die without sending Gianelli to Hell first. He reassembles the survivors of his crew and they set out to take the battle to their enemy, in a Vegas very different from the one they left. Only one thing could throw a curve into Nick’s plan: falling in love.

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