Imagine a Supernatural world that exists beneath our world. Supernatural beings are real. And from the dawn of time they've lived amongst humanity: Vampires, Werewolves, Angels, Demons, Wicans, Trolls, Gorgons and Banshees. Each different from the other, but connected by one commonality – all are genetically superior to man.

EPOCH is the dark and gritty tale of our reluctant hero, Jonah Bishop, an NYPD detective assigned to a mysterious murder case that swipes him from his modern day reality and plunges him into the shadow world of his heritage – the Supernatural. Jonah's quest unveils a deep-rooted family secret, dropping him deep in the middle of a conspiracy that threatens to tear the very fabric of our society. To expose the killer of his partner, Michael, the investigation will force him to compete in EPOCH, an ancient fighting tournament where the outcome holds the key to the future of humanity.

Why, you ask? Supernaturals haven't always lived in hiding. In fact, throughout history, Supernatural beings flourished. They've killed at will with no fear of retribution from the disorganized and warring factions of mankind. But, in Medieval times, the tides finally turned when mankind banded together and attacked the Supernaturals during the witch-hunts, thrusting civilization to the brink of war. Greatly outnumbered, Supernaturals feared extinction, forcing them into hiding. To survive, they cloaked their powers and shielded their Supernatural activities from the eyes of mankind. And in time they wove themselves into the fabric of society... appearing to be human.

To keep peace and order, the Supernaturals formed the Supernatural Council – a Council consisting of one representative from each of the species. But, arguments ensued as Council members only supported their own species' interests. In an effort to avert their disputes, they decided a leader must be chosen to govern the Supernatural Council.

In choosing a leader, the Supernatural Council invoked an ancient custom – EPOCH – an ultimate fighting tournament…a Supernatural blood sport. According to the rules, each species would offer its greatest warrior, and the warriors would fight, mano-a-mano, to determine a champion. Ultimately, the champion would decide the leader of the Supernatural Council. So, the Tournament began, and the warriors fought battles the likes of which the world had never seen. And, when the dust finally settled, one Supernatural being stood victorious – the Archangel Michael.

Under Michael's rule, Supernaturals blended with society and peace prospered for over a thousand years. Over time, the lore of Supernaturals melded into common legends, allowing mankind to believe they were only myths conjured up by ancient storytellers. Today, in present-day New York, Supernaturals live amongst society as commoners – doctors, lawyers, merchants, chiefs – thriving in our world while taking caution to remain in the shadows. But now, all that has changed…since Michael, the leader of the Supernatural Council, has been murdered!

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