EST 2011

"We are all lost."

Created by: Bryan Edward Hill & Rob Levin
Key Artists: Tony Shashteen
Genre: Supernatural/Thriller

The message on the walls.  It's the feeling in your gut.  In this city, "We are all lost." Ray certainly is; a former cop turned private eye and junkie, haunted by his past in a city with no sun and no hope.  A beautiful woman and a slick criminal both offer him the same job: Find a girl named Madeline and bring her to them.  Ray doesn't want the job, but he can't just leave this girl in the middle.  Thrust into the city's twisted underbelly, Ray will unveil Netherworld's darkest secrets and come face-to-face with his past.  Beware, Ray.  If you seek the truth, you might find it.

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We are all lost

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