EST 2009

"Tell me agent O'Roark, what do you know about werewolves?" ~ Dr. Cyril Tucker

Created by: Jonathan Lincoln
Key Artists: Francis Tsai
Genre: Police Procedural/Supernatural

Alex O'Roark is living the dream, his dream.  He divides his time between a loving relationship he shares with the woman he wants to marry and his career where he gets paid as a top government agent tracking down serial killers.  Unfortunately life has its balance and his girlfriend Tory Reyes won't marry him until he trades his gun for a desk.  When Alex wakes up in a hospital, heartbeats away from death, he can see how Tory's worst fears almost became reality.

Recovery can be a traumatic experience both physically and mentally.  On occasion one may feel they're learning life from a whole new perspective.  Alex finds himself discovering new talents, useful talents that will help in hunting down the latest elusive serial killer known only as Herod.  An important aspect to learning powerful new skills is discipline, ensuring it doesn't control you.  Alex must distance himself from his personal life to keep his new talents hidden.

Agent Alex O'Roark has been trained to think like the enemy, recognize their patterns, and identify weaknesses.  Though his new talents grant an edge to his tracking ability it also forces a unique perspective.  Werewolves do exist.  And there are no silver bullets, full moons, or pentacles on the palm that can tame the rage and bloodlust of the hunt.  Alex has been bitten, and now he must fight the same urges and weaknesses of his enemy.  When Alex discovers these new abilities are derivative of a virus that is actually killing him, the hunt becomes more vital.  Now it's a hunt for survival.

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