Marc Silvestri

Chief Executive Officer / Penciller

Name: Marc Silvestri

Alias: Why do we need an alias? I’m not running from the law. But I probably should have an alias. And a theme song. Readers, send in suggestions. Maybe an alter ego. 

Occupation: Creator. 

Base of Operations/Secret Hideout: My office. 

Current work/First Top Cow published work: Cyberforce #1 all the way back in 1992.

Major Enemies: My alter ego. That alias from above – I hate that guy.

Favorite Top Cow Comics: The Darkness.

Major weaknesses: I’m too short.

If the world was going to end, how would you want it to end? Michael Bay-style.

Which Artifact would you bear? Is there one called the watch? Yeah, the Wheel of Shadows so I can get all the books out.

Favorite Convention Story (or Convention Horror story):  There are a lot of favorites and a lot of horror stories that just blend in all together.  A great story for me – but probably a horror for the fan – comes to mind.  Back in the early Image days, we had this long line for signings that was probably 3 hours long.  And literally, this last guy in line, I could see him from afar.  He looked dead tired by the time he got close to us.  He was probably close to waiting 5 hours, back when signings went that long.  As he came around the corner, I noticed he was dressed up as Stryker – just his hair though.  As he got closer, I noticed he had 3 cardboard arms and some boots.  You’ve got to give the guy points for trying.  This guy waited in that whole entire line patiently and he had nothing in hand to sign.  He waited the whole entire time to come and say: “Why did you make Stryker’s boots so uncomfortable? They’re killing me.”  That’s it.  But really, I love cons and I love meeting fans.  There are probably not just hundreds, but thousands of great stories that I have from just the interactions I have at cons.

Donut of choice: Krispy Kreme. What kind of question is that? Automatic answer.

Secret Ambition: Man, I’d love to draw comic books for a living. Though, I did want to be an astronaut, but I had to be smart and they did have a height limit, which I surpassed in high school.  Or, maybe come up with something new.

There is no vacation in comics.  But if you had time off, what would you do? Probably head off to Tahiti. Maybe just do more traveling in general. Maybe Europe.

What reality TV show would you star in and why? Did you know we’ve been approached a couple times?  Based on Bridget and I, actually.  Like a Beauty and the Beast sort of thing, but with comics and lingerie.  Those things don’t mix.  What an invasion of privacy.  Actually, can we build a reality concept around that Alias guy from above?  Wait, I’d have to have an actor, and that would be disastrous.

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