Ron Marz

Writer / Architect of the Top Cow Universe

Name: Ron Marz
Alias: Season 1 was still the best.
Occupation: Writer
Base of Operations/Secret Hideout: Upstate New York
Current work/First Top Cow published work: Current, writer on Witchblade, Magdalena, Angelus, Velocity, Artifacts. First work: The Darkness #10 (2002)

Bio: Ron Marz has been writing comics for two decades, after leaving a job in journalism when he found out that just making stuff up was a lot more fun. Marz started his career with a lengthy run on Silver Surfer for Marvel. Since then, he has worked for virtually every major publisher and compiled a long list of credits, including stints on Green Lantern for DC, Star Wars for Dark Horse, Witchblade for Top Cow, and as a staff writer for CrossGen Comics. He recently signed an exclusive contract with Image-based Top Cow, where he continues to write Witchblade, as well as launching the monthly Magdalena title and the Angelus and Velocity mini-series. This summer, Marz will debut Artifacts, Top Cow’s most ambitious publishing event ever. His creator-owned series include Dragon Prince at Top Cow; Samurai: Heaven and Earth, and Pantheon City, at Dark Horse; and the upcoming vampire tale Shinku.

Major Enemies: Deadlines, the seven-day work week, liars
Favorite Top Cow Comics: You mean besides the ones I’m writing? The Darkness.
Major Weaknesses: What, tell you and have them used against me? Yeah, right.
If the world was going to end, how would you want it to end? With me watching from a safe distance.
Which Artifact would you bear? The Mojito Artifact. Is there a Mojito Artifact?
Favorite Convention Horror Story: One year at San Diego, I took pity on a friend who couldn’t get a room and let him crash in my room. My act of kindness was repaid with the discovery that he snored louder than a choir of chainsaws. I got less than two hours of sleep every night. On the plus side, I resisted the urge to smother him with a pillow.
Donut of choice: French cruller. In Paris.
Secret Ambition: Play the guitar. Or play third base for the Mets. Play the guitar seems more likely.
The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Lobster cannelloni at de’Medici in San Diego
Drink of Choice: Free ones
There is no vacation in comics.  But if you had time off, what would you do? Read all the comics and novels that I don’t have time to read now.
What reality TV show would you star in and why? The reality show where I have all the other reality shows canceled, because they suck.

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