Rahsan Ekedal


Name: Rahsan Ekedal
Alias: “Rah-- Rash-- um, what?! Can you say it again?”
Occupation: Penciller, Inker, Cover Artist
Base of Operations/Secret Hideout: LA – specifically, the Hellmouth -- I mean, the Valley
Current work/First Top Cow published work: Echoes #1-5 / The Crazies #4

Bio: That guy with the weird name who draws for Top Cow and Dark Horse – including the upcoming Top Cow / Minotaur series Echoes with the very talented Joshua Hale Fialkov, plus stuff like The Crazies: Ogden Marsh, the new Creepy, and the critically acclaimed The Cleaners: Absent Bodies. Also known once upon a time for loads of Warhammer books for Boom! Studios. Alum of the Academy of Art University in San Francisco; drawing the upcoming Solomon Kane Vol. 3 for Dark Horse.

Major Enemies: The inexorable march of Time itself
Favorite Top Cow Comics: Anything by Hester / Marz / Fialkov aka The Triumvirate of Cranky Old Bastards
Major weaknesses: Compulsively drawing ridiculously detailed 32-panel spreads (see: Echoes)… also – cats.
If the world was going to end, how would you want it to end? Eaten by a giant twitter Fail Whale, of course.
Which Artifact would you bear? The Darkness
Favorite Convention Story (or Convention Horror story): Favorite: Drawing one little boy’s very first con sketch (Spider-Man I believe) in his very first con sketchbook at his first con ever. The delight on his face was so pure – made all the hard work worth it. *sniff*  Horror: Toss up between being interviewed on camera by a very loud and, um, physically affectionate man wearing nothing but disturbingly tiny red spandex panties (THANKS for setting that one up, Christine); and EVERY NIGHT EVER at the Hyatt bar in San Diego (seriously, it’s like Groundhog Day but with more crushing despair and inappropriate sexual innuendo).
Donut of choice: Krispy Kreme
Secret Ambition: It involves latex vacu-beds and the international market but I really can’t talk about it at any more this time, thank you.
The Best Thing I Ever Ate: Pizza margherita from a street stand in Napoli, Italy
Drink of Choice: Laphroaig neat
There is no vacation in comics.  But if you had time off, what would you do? Vagabond indefinitely about Europe and Asia with my lovely gf Shannon.
What reality TV show would you star in and why? Survivor: Comic Book Deadline – 30 days, 22 pages. Cannibalism by Day 20, guaranteed.

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