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Download Think Tank #1 Free

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Grab a copy and learn something! Like the cover warning says - reading this book will make you smarter! If still need convincing, take it from these guys:

"THINK TANK grabs you from the very beginning and has you begging for more by the end. A great introduction to a new character and a new world. A must-have for anyone who wants something cool... and who doesn't want that?" - Robert Kirkman, writer of THE WALKING DEAD

"Brainy, all-too-believable modern-day sci-fi, equal parts entertaining and engaging. Real Genius with some sharp damn teeth. Not your typical Top Cow, but every bit as good." - John Layman, Eisner Award winner writer of CHEW

"THINK TANK will do for science what Transmetropolitan did for journalism." - Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool Magazine

"If science is your thing and you're looking for a comic to enable a scientific geekout, then give THINK TANK a peek." - Comic Book Resources

"When it comes to the art, Ekedal kills it... His moody, grey-wash style is absolutely gorgeous." - IGN

"I'm getting a little fanboyish just describing it and am having trouble writing down anything that isn't "THIS IS COOL," so I'll leave it at that..." - One Geek Nation