Out 01/23/2013: Witchblade 163, Preview Now

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Out 01/23/2013: Witchblade #163, Preview Now

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Witchblade #163 Cover A Out Wednesday, January 26th is the trilling continuation of Witchblade in issue #163!

With Cain Jorgenson imprisoned and the Corruption Cataract agents closing in, Sara Pezzini discovers that even the Witchblade needs to ask for help when outgunned and outnumbered. Short on time and forced into an unstable alliance with the gangster Rook, Sara must take a walk on the other side of the law if she is to triumph. But can she trust that other enemies of the Corruption Cataract are truly the Witchblade's friends?

Need more convincing to grab a copy? Check our the preview for Witchblade #163 below:

Witchblade   #163 Cover Thumbnail Witchblade #163 Inside Front Cover Thumbnail Witchblade #163 Page One Thumbnail
Witchblade #163 Page Two Thumbnail Witchblade #163 Page Three Thumbnail Witchblade #163 Page Four Thumbnail

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