Progeny Crossover, Preview Now

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Progeny Crossover, Preview Now

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Artifacts #25, Progeny Part 1 Cover

Beginning in Artifacts #25, in stores on February 27th, is the start of PROGENY - the epic four-part Top Cow Universe crossover! You don't want to miss out on this tale of realization and revelation!

What will happen as Tom Judge gathers the artifact bearers together to stop Jackie Estacado and the Ancient Ones? Find out by following the full story line starting in Artifacts #25, followed by Witchblade #164, then by Darkness #111, and the exhilarating conclusion in Artifacts #26..

For those of you art lovers and collectors out there, don't miss out on picking up the four-part John Tyler Christopher covers for this Progeny crossover. Check out the full spread below.

Don't miss out on the largest Top Cow Universe crossover since the beginning of Artifacts! Pick up the first part of Progeny on February 27th!

Artifacts #25, Progeny Part 1 Cover

Artifacts #25 Cover Thumbnail Artifacts #25 Credits Page Thumbnail Artifacts #25 Page 1 Thumbnail
Artifacts #25 Page 2 Thumbnail Artifacts #25 Page 3 Thumbnail Artifacts #25 Page 4 Thumbnail

Progeny continues in Witchblade #164, out this coming Wednesday, March 6th. In addition, the Son of Merlin continues its fantastical journey in issue #2 in stores on the same day.

For more information and previews on each comic, keep on reading!

Sara Pezzini moved to Chicago to escape her failures and to leave her demons behind her in New York. Her new life in the Windy City has been far more difficult and far stranger than she ever expected. Until now, her past has stayed buried. But when Rapture bearer Tom Judge and Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado come a knocking, Sara risks the discovery that her new life in Chi-town may not have been a decision that she made for herself.

Witchblade #164 Cover Thumbnail Witchblade #164 Credits Thumbnail Witchblade #164 Page 1 Thumbnail
Witchblade #164 Page 2 Thumbnail Witchblade #164 Page 3 Thumbnail Witchblade #164 Page 4 Thumbnail

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