Out 02/13/2013: Cyber Force #3, Preview Now

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Out 02/13/2013: Cyber Force #3, Preview Now

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Cyber Force #3 Cover C The thrilling Cyber Force relaunch continues with issue #3, out this Wednesday, February 13th!

The massive corporation CDI continues to engineer technologically enhanced humans. Opposing CDI is a lone group of rebels. Will the public perceive the newly formed Cyber Force as resistance fighters battling for public good - or terrorists who must be stopped?

Pick up a free copy at your local comic book shop, or grab the Marc Silvestri Variant Cover and Stjepan Sejic Variant Cover on the Top Cow Store.

For you fans who can't wait to see the book, check out the preview below:

Cyber Force #3 Cover Thumbnail Cyber Force #3 Credits Thumbnail Cyber Force #3 Page 1 Thumbnail
Cyber Force #3 Page 2 Thumbnail Cyber Force #3 Page 3 Thumbnail Cyber Force #3 Page 4 Thumbnail

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