Out 03/20/2013: Artifacts #26, Preview Now

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Out 03/20/2013: Artifacts #26, Preview Now

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Artifacts #26 Cover

The exciting conclusion of Progeny takes form in Artifacts #26, out this coming Wednesday, March 20th. Written by Ron Marz and drawn by newcomer Top Cow artist Marco Turini, you won't want to miss this suspenseful issue!

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Tom Judge's plans to recruit Witchblade bearer Sara Pezzini in his quest to overthrow Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado didn't pan out quite the way he expected. In a desperate grasp to turn his fortunes in battle, Tom has turned his attention to attacking the perversion of the universe Jackie created at its core. But will Tom do what needs to be done when he must brace himself to end the life of an innocent bystander?

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