Out 03/27/2013: Think Tank #6, Preview Now

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Out 03/27/2013: Think Tank #6, Preview Now

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Think Tank #6 Cover

The tech-tacular story of David Loren continues in Think Tank #6, out this coming Wednesday! Be sure to pick up your copy and find out if David has finally cracked under the military's thumb!

For those of you who haven't read Think Tank yet, jump into the series by reading the first issue for free!

Download Think Tank #1 for FREE here!

For more information on the Think Tank #6, and a preview, keep on reading!

Slacker Genius Dr. David Loren can hack into the military industrial complex computer network to reclassify 3-Quinuclidinyl Benzilate from a class 2 pathogen to a class 5 pathogen. He can disassemble the micro-power device of Dr. Sejic to appropriate its extensive battery life for his surface thought reader. But can he save himself from the confines of his own mind?

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