Out 05/08/2013: Witchblade #166, Preview Now

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Out 05/08/2013: Witchblade #166, Preview Now

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Witchblade #166 Cover The super sleuthing continuation of Witchblade is out on May 8th, with issue #166!

Sara Pezzini's world has become increasingly gray since she became a private investigator. Without the laws and regulations that being a cop used to provide, Sara has no idea whether her actions have been for the greater good or not. But to both put food on the table and stop a more powerful evil, Sara will need to dig up enough dirt to destroy the career of the only decent and honest politician left in Chicago.

Too curious to wait and see the issue until Wednesday? Then check out the preview below!

Witchblade #166 Credits Thumbnail Witchblade #166 Page 1 Thumbnail Witchblade #166 Page 2 Thumbnail
Witchblade #166 Page 3 Thumbnail Witchblade #166 Page 4 Thumbnail Witchblade #166 Page 5 Thumbnail

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