Aphrodite IX #1, Read Now

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Aphrodite IX #1, Read Now

Aphrodite IX Free Comic Book Day Cover

Click here to download Aphrodite IX #1 for free!

Top Cow's infamous green-haired assassin returned in our Free Comic Book Day release of Aphrodite IX with a warn, excited welcome! Written by Matt Hawkins and drawn by Stjepan Sejic, you won't want to miss out on this epic ongoing continuation of the Aphrodite IX series!

If you weren't able to pick up your copy of Aphrodite IX #1 during Free Comic Book Day, don't fear! Check out the preview below, and if you like what you read there, download the whole issue for free in the link below the preview!

Want a little head's up of what the book's about? Read the synopsis below to find out.

Hundreds of years after a cataclysmic event scorched the surface, Earth and its inhabitants have been forever altered and a new landscape and political struggle has taken hold with three distinct factions fighting for control. Aphrodite IX is both anachronism and advanced technology in a world that she no longer recognizes. No aliens, just humans and their genetically and technologically altered descendants in a mixture of the best Sci-Fi and Fantasy has to offer!

For you fans who aren't convinced yet, check out the preview below:

Aphrodite IX Credits Thumbnail Aphrodite IX page 1 Thumbnail Aphrodite IX page 2 Thumbnail
Aphrodite IX page 3 Thumbnail Aphrodite IX pages 4 & 5 Thumbnail

Already read Aphrodite IX #1? Then order your copy of issue #2 today from the links below!

Click here to order issue #2 cover A!

Click here to order issue #2 cover B!

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