Out 6/12/2013: Aphrodite IX #2 & #1 Second Printing, Preview Now

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Out 6/12/2013: Aphrodite IX #2 & #1 Second Printing, Preview Now

Buy print edition now

Buy print edition now

Aphrodite IX #2 Cover

The continuation of Top Cow's assassin, Aphrodite IX, commences June 12th with issue #2! You don't want to miss this action-packed book! If you missed the first issue, you can also grab a copy of Aphrodite IX #1's second printing the same day.

Straight out of her Free Comic Book Day first issue debut, the saga of the cyborg assassin Aphrodite IX continues in her first original series in over a decade! Writer MATT HAWKINS (THINK TANK) and artist STJEPAN SEJIC (RAVINE, ARTIFACTS) take you to a dystopian future where technology and evolution have merged and a cyborg killer searching for meaning is the most human individual left!

For you fans who aren't convinced to read the series yet, check out the preview below:

Aphrodite IX #2 Credits Aphrodite IX #2 Quote Aphrodite IX #2 Page 1
Aphrodite IX #2 Page 2 Aphrodite IX #2 Page 3 Aphrodite IX #2 Page 4

Click here to order Aphrodite IX #2!

Haven't read Aphrodite IX #1 yet? Click the link below to order your copy of the second printing today!

Click here to order your copy of the Aphrodite IX #1 second printing.

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