Out 06/19/2013: Witchblade #167, Preview Now

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Out 06/19/2013: Witchblade #167, Preview Now

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Witchblade #167 Cover Don't miss this fantastical continuation of Witchblade, out on June 19th with issue #167!

The bitter, former Witchblade bearer Katarina has transcended the Faerie realm, travelling to Chicago to intercept the fugitive murderer Toio Mulranny. And she's going to get the Witchblade's help to catch him, whether Sara Pezinni wants to or not.

Too curious to wait and see the issue until Wednesday? Then check out the preview below!

Witchblade #167 Cover Thumbnail Witchblade #167 Credits Thumbnail Witchblade #167 Page 1 Thumbnail
Witchblade #167 Page 2 Thumbnail Witchblade #167 Page 3 Thumbnail Witchblade #167 Page 4 Thumbnail

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