Who Can Stop the Darkness?

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Who Can Stop the Darkness?

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The Darkness #114 Cover It's time to enter The Age of Reason with Darkness # 114!

With the colossal start to a new story arc, writer David Hine pulls out all of the stops for the long-awaited return of the Witch-King, Aram! Can the longest-lived former Darkness bearer finally find a way to stop the artifact's rampage? This issue promises to answer your questions and leave you wanting more: what caused Aram's disappearance? Can Jackie stop the Doppelganger's reign of terror? Who or what can stop the Darkness at its most deadly and most dangerous?

Pick up your copy on Wednesday, July 10th, or you'll have to answer to Jackie-f#@&ing-Estacado!

For those of you who can't wait to get your hands on the book, check out the preview below.

The Darkness #114 Cover Thumbnail The Darkness #114 Recap Thumbnail The Darkness #114 Page 1 Thumbnail
The Darkness #114 Page 2 Thumbnail The Darkness #114 Page 3 Thumbnail The Darkness #114 Page 4 Thumbnail

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