Hunt Down Aphrodite IX #4 on August 21st!

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Hunt Down Aphrodite IX #4 on August 21st!

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Aphrodite IX #4 Cover C Beware, fans of our emerald-haired assassin – the end is nigh.

The fourth issue of Aphrodite IX, hitting the shelves of your local comic shop Wednesday, August 21st, is the beginning of the end for the hit series's first arc. Since its rebirth this past May, Aphrodite IX has introduced readers to cyborgs, dragon-riding-mutants, and of course, the star of the this brave new world: the perfect assassin, Aphrodite IX.

This first five-issue-arc comes to a close in September, and boy, it's gonna be one fast-paced, gut-wrencher of a conclusion. Issue four picks up right where three left off, with Aphrodite finally coming to realize the nature of her blackouts – and the consequences of someone else assuming control over her body. Stjepan Sejic's smooth, dynamic artwork and Matt Hawkin's laser-targeted storytelling come together to form the ultimate expression of a brewing storm; Aphrodite's new world is on the eve of a terrible war, and what can she do to stop it?

If Aphrodite IX hasn't yet earned a spot on your pull list, this'll be the issue to sway your mind.

For those of you who can't wait another second to get your hands on this issue, check out the preview below.

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