Think Tank Science Sale

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Think Tank Science Sale

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Think Tank Sale Science Rules.

Here at Top Cow, we've known that for quite awhile, but now it's time to celebrate it. Shout it from the rooftops, 'cause we're droppin' some science on you!

For the next two weeks, visit the Top Cow Store and buy any Think Tank Vol. 1 or Vol. 2 trade to get the super top secret Think Tank Military Dossier free – we'll even have the enigmatic and brilliant Matt Hawkins sign your copy! Featuring Drs. Loren and Pavi (on one of the days when they're not trying to subvert United States Military authority), the dossier contains unique personnel files, never-before-seen art by Rahsan Ekedal, and a very special edition of "Science Class," all about DARPA.

But wait – there's more!

If you buy both volumes of Think Tank, in addition to the signed Military Dossier, you'll also receive a signed copy of our special "vanity edition" of Think Tank #5 – and you better believe that Matt's signing this one, too.

We recommend splurging a little for the volume 1 hardcover edition; they look great on a bookshelf or a coffee table. Prove to your friends and family that you have a vast and applicable knowledge of science – buy Think Tank today!

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