Witchblade #169 Concludes In a World Changing Way!

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Witchblade #169 Concludes In a World Changing Way!

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Witchblade #169 Cover The epic conclusion of Tim Seeley's run on Witchblade is here!

Allies and enemies must work together to find Sara and stop the coming of the Ungod. Will their unsteady alliance be enough to save the world, or just be another piece to the puzzle spelling the end of life as we know it?

Pick up a copy of Witchblade #169 to find out!

For those of you too impatient to wait, check out the preview below.

Witchblade #169 Credits Thumbnail Witchblade #169 Page 1 Thumbnail Witchblade #169 Page 2 Thumbnail
Witchblade #169 Page 3 Thumbnail Witchblade #169 Page 4 Thumbnail Witchblade #169 Page 5 Thumbnail

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