Vampires Attack Japan Next Week!

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Vampires Attack Japan Next Week!

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Bushido # 1 Cover In stores next week is the first issue of the new series Bushido!

Previously only available on ComiXology, you can now pick up your own print copy of the book - a relief for all you collectors out there.

When young Kichiro's ship is attacked by vampires, he's forced to jump overboard. Waking up on a beach in Japan, a good samaritan, Isamu, finds Kichiro and raises him along side his own son to become a Samurai. However, when the vampires that wrecked Kichiro's ship come to Japan, there's nowhere for Kichiro to run.

Want to know more? Read the preview below, and then get your copy on the Top Cow Store today!

Bushido #1 Credits Thumbnail Bushido #1 Page 1 Thumbnail Bushido #1 Page 2 Thumbnail
Bushido #1 Page 3 Thumbnail Bushido #1 Page 4 Thumbnail Bushido #1 Page 5 Thumbnail

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