Think Tank #10 and Bushido #2!

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Think #10 and Bushido #2!

Buy print edition now

Buy print edition now

Think Tank #10 Top Cow is kicking off the Fall season with a bang!

In Think Tank #10, the pieces are sliding into place as Dr. David Loren faces the aftermath of his botched mission in Taiwan. Although rumors of his death may have been greatly exaggerated, the rest of the world takes the U.S. government's reports of his demise as gospel – not that he's in any position to discredit them. Locked in solitary confinement under the watchful gaze of General Clarkson, does David stand a chance of escaping? And just where the heck is the lovely Mirra Sway?

Pick up the tenth issue of the series that IGN calls "expertly crafted and deeply researched" this Wednesday – but while you're at it, don't forget to grab the second issue of Bushido, the samurai horror epic from writer Rob Levin and artist Jessada Sutthi.

Bushido #2 picks up right in the aftermath of the first issue, with wannabe samurai Kichiro facing the blame for his father's brutal death at the hands of a vampire. Unable to prove himself innocent, his own brother, Orochi, leads the witchhunt against him. If things weren't complicated enough, the beautiful Mitsuko, daughter of the shogun, is madly in love with Kichiro – but betrothed to Orochi, who, may we add, is getting crueler by the minute. With the vampire threat growing and no one to believe him, it may be entirely up to Kichiro to save the entire nation of Japan.

Preview them below, and head on down to your local comic shop and snatch up a copy of each!

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Bushido #2 Credits Thumbnail Bushido #2 Page 1 Thumbnail Bushido #2 Page 2 Thumbnail
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