Get Witchblade #170 and Bushido #5 Now!

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Get Witchblade #170 and Bushido #5 Now!

Buy print edition now

Buy print edition now

Witchblade #170 Mooooo-ve on down to your local comic shop, Top Cow fans, because October 30th one helluva a new comic book day.

First, you can finally nab the thrilling finale to Rob Levin and Jessada Sutthi's vampire-samurai epic, Bushido. With this fifth and final installment, we find Kichiro and his brother Orochi side-by-side once more. All of Japan hangs in the balance as the shogun's army prepares for an all-out-war with the bloodsuckers beyond the city's gates. Can Orochi redeem himself? Can the vampire hordes be stopped? Pick up the colossal conclusion to find out if the way of the warrior can defeat the creatures of the night!

Also for the next week we announce the new creative team for Witchblade, with issue #170!

Celebrated writer Ron Marz (Green Lantern, Artifacts) returns to Top Cow's flagship series with art by the talented Laura Braga (Cyberforce) and colors by our very own Betsy Gonia. An exciting new arc begins, with Sara working as a sheriff in upstate New York...without the Witchblade! When a mysterious string of murders breaks out in the sleepy little New England town, Sheriff Pezzini finds herself caught in the very life she sought so hard to escape. With a gorgeous new art style and a whole new set of challenges for Sara to face, Witchblade #170 is a must- buy for any Top Cow fan, and a great place to jump on for newcomers.

Mark the date on your calendar or tattoo it on your arm, because these are two comics you won't want to miss!

Satiate your curiosity and check out the previews below.

Witchblade #170 Recap Thumbnail Witchblade #170 Page 1 Thumbnail Witchblade #170 Page 2 Thumbnail
Witchblade #170 Page 3 Thumbnail Witchblade #170 Page 4 Thumbnail Witchblade #170 Page 5 Thumbnail

Pick up your copy of Witchblade #170 here!

Bushido #5 Page 1 Thumbnail Bushido #5 Page 2 Thumbnail Bushido #5 Page 3 Thumbnail
Bushido #5 Page 4 Thumbnail Bushido #5 Page 5 Thumbnail Bushido #5 Page 6 Thumbnail

Pick up your copy of Bushido #5 here!

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