Follow the Herd on Social Media!

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Follow the Herd on Social Media!

Top Cow fans, are you ready to follow the herd?

Whatever social media platform you prefer, we've got a presence there - and what better way to keep up with the company, as well as receive inside information from Matt and Marc, than by following them on all of their feeds? Pick your poison!

We know you've got Facebook, so why don't you like our page?
While you're at it, subscribe to Matt Hawkins' and Marc Silvestri's Facebook feeds as well!

Or if you're into quick and clean instant gratification, why not follow our Twitter accounts? @topcow, @topcowmatt, and @marc_silvestri all tweet on the regular!

If the crafty side of things is more up your alley, check out Matt Hawkins on Pinterest, at Mhawk5222.

And if you want the milk straight from the cow, check out our company Instagram (topcow) and our official tumblr (

Get hip and get following!

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