Witchblade #176 (and Two Trades!) on 7/2!

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Witchblade #176 (and Two Trades!) on 7/2!

Buy print edition now

Buy print edition now

Witchblade #176

This is one incredible week for Witchblade fans!

First, we've got Witchblade #176 hitting the shelves. Featuring art from the incomparable Maan House, the one-shot story "Fun Time!" by Ron Marz features Sara and Rooney investigating one downright creepy abandoned amusement park - and the park's even creepier proprietor.

And while you're on a Sheriff Pezzini kick, check out the absolutely beautiful trade paperback collection of Witchblade: Borne Again vol. 1, collecting Witchblade issues 170-174 - charting Sara's amazing return to bearing the Witchblade gauntlet - and did we mention that it's printed on beautiful, high gloss paper? Oh yeah. It's a handsome book.

If you're still in the mood for an amazing Top Cow trade, also in stores we've got the first volume of Larime Taylor's creator-owned epic, A Voice in the Dark. This massive tome collects the saga of fledgling serial killer Zoey Aarons - all seven issues.

Trust us - this is a week you won't want to skip your trip to the comic shop.

Witchblade #176:

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Witchblade #176 Page 7 Thumbnail Witchblade #176 Page 8 Thumbnail Witchblade #176 Page 9 Thumbnail

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