Get Genius #1, Tales of Honor #4, and Cyber Force #10 on 8/6!

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Get Genius #1, Tales of Honor #4, and Cyber Force #10 on 8/6!

Buy print edition now

Buy print edition now

Genius #1 Cover The wait is finally over!

The 2008 Pilot Season Winner, Genius, is finally hitting the shelves as a weekly series - with all 5 parts coming to comic shops near you, beginning on August 6th. Written by Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman, with art by the eminent Afua Richardson, Genius tells the story of Destiny - history's next military genius. The catch is, Destiny was born in South Central, and she's a little young to be leading the U.S. Army - so she starts one of her own, and secedes from the Union. Trust us, Top Cow fans - this is one helluva series, so get ready and grab to grab all 5 issues. Just check out the art below!

Additionally, for every Wednesday in the month of August, California comic store chain Collector's Paradise will be hosting signings with writers Marc Bernardin and Adam Freeman - you can find the detailsĀ HERE.

But that's not all - this week also brings you Tales of Honor #4, (Buy Print Edition, Buy Digital Edition), the penultimate issue of the first arc of Matt Hawkins' comic adaptation of David Weber's epic scifi masterpiece. As Honor's execution date nears, is there any hope left?

But since this is one of those three-issue weeks, we've got another second-to-last issue - aCyber Force #10! (Buy Print Edition, Buy Digital Edition) Ripclaw and Killjoy's intertwined past is revealed as the team prepares for a run-in with Cyberdata - but with Killjoy a thorn in everyone's side, could CDI prove to be an unexpected ally?

You know the drill - dig on those previews below, and grab the books when they hit the shelves!

Rise of the Magi #1:

Genius #1 Page 4 Thumbnail Genius #1 Page 5 Thumbnail Genius #1 Page 6 Thumbnail
Genius #1 Page 7 Thumbnail Genius #1 Page 8 Thumbnail Genius #1 Page 9 Thumbnail

Tales of Honor #4:

Tales of Honor #4 Page 4 Thumbnail Tales of Honor #4 Page 5 Thumbnail Tales of Honor #4 Page 6 Thumbnail
Tales of Honor #4 Page 7 Thumbnail Tales of Honor #4 Page 8 Thumbnail Tales of Honor #4 Page 9 Thumbnail

Cyber Force #10:

Cyber Force #10 Page 1 Thumbnail Cyber Force #10 Page 2 Thumbnail Cyber Force #10 Page 3 Thumbnail
Cyber Force #10 Page 4 Thumbnail Cyber Force #10 Page 5 Thumbnail Cyber Force #10 Page 6 Thumbnail

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