Even More Free Comics from Top Cow!

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Even More Free Comics from Top Cow!

Postal #1 Cover

When it comes to comics, we know you have to judge a book by more than its cover, which is why we've made some of the first and zero issues of our hit comics' series available for free digital download below. Like what see? Pick up the rest of the series!

Click here to download Postal #1 for free!

Click here to download ADR1FT #1 - FREE!

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we added even MORE free comics for digital download, the first issues of several of our hit miniseries. If you enjoy any of the previews below, consider picking up the trade paperbacks from the Top Cow Store!

Click here to download Berserker #1 for free!

Click here to download Freshmen #1 for free!

Click here to download Netherworld #1 for free!

Click here to download the 39 Minutes Preview for free!

Click here to download Wildfire #1 for free!

Also, the first trade paperback volume of the critically-acclaimed adaptation Tales of Honor landed in stores on 11/12, and in case you're on the fence, you can download issue #1 below!

Click here to download Tales of Honor #1 for free!

Plus, since Pilot Season Winner Genius was such a success, we thought we'd throw the first issue your way, at no cost.

Click here to download Genius #1 for free!

Next up, Ravine vol. 2 is in stores now, so to catch up, you can download the entire first volume from Stjepan Sejic's Deviantart page.

Click here to download Ravine vol. 1 for free!

And while we're the mood for beautifully drawn, mind-blowing fantasy volumes, the first Chronicles of Hate hardcover is available in comic stores everywhere - and we're offering you the first 25 pages as a preview. Check 'em out!

Click here to download Chronicles of Hate (Preview) for free!

Since you're in the mood for freebies, don't forget about the rest of our free comics - listed below!

Click here to download Aphrodite IX #1 for free!

In 2012, Top Cow relaunched Marc Silvestri's highly acclaimed Cyber Force. With the help of some extremely generous fans and the magic of Kickstarter, we were able to offer the first five issues of an epic saga of cyborgs, warfare, and corporate espionage - check out the digital versions below!

Click here to download Cyber Force #1 for free!

Click here to download Cyber Force #2 for free!

Click here to download Cyber Force #3 for free!

Click here to download Cyber Force #4 for free!

Click here to download Cyber Force #5 for free!

Drifting away from science fiction and into science fact, we have Matt Hawkins' and Rahsan Ekedal's Think Tank. This labor of love follows Dr. David Loren, a brilliant military scientist who tires of making killing machines. Full of heavily researched technologies, fascinating science facts, and more than enough snarky political intrigue, Think Tank has something for everyone.

Click here to download Think Tank #1 for free!

Another tale of Dr. Loren is Think Tank: Fun with PTSD #1, bridging the gap between volumes 3 and 4.

Click here to download Think Tank: Fun with PTSD #1 for free!

And if you're a fan of Ekedal's art, check out Echoes, the horror miniseries written by Joshua Hale Fialkov!

Click here to download Echoes #1 for free

Also for you fans of grayscale, we have the first issue of Pilot Season Winner, Sunset. Take a geriatric ex-mobster fed up with our pansified modern society, and bring back an old school threat - what do you get? This epic from Christos Gage and Jorge Lucas.

Click here to download Sunset #1 for free!

While we're in the mood for guns-a-blazin', check out this Top Cow classic, Down - when a deep undercover cop goes off radar and becomes one of the most successful drug kingpins in the city, it's up to his replacement to track him down and bring him in - dead or alive.

Click here to download Down #1 for free

For those of you who are a little less action-oriented, check out the free first issue of A Voice in the Dark - the creator-owned epic of budding serial killer Zoey Aarons, from disabled writer/artist Larime Taylor, called "Dexter meets Strangers in Paradise" by Terry Moore himself.

Click here to download A Voice in the Dark #1 for free!

Moving towards a more fantastical mood, our smash-hit miniseries Son of Merlin can seriously deliver. Written by Robert Napton with art by Zid, this tale imagines Merlin's descendant in a modern age - and he's more skeptical than you might believe.

Click here to download Son of Merlin #1 for free!

Another genre smash-up is Rob Levin and Jessada Sutthi's Bushido, a miniseries exploring the ultimate conflict between age-old rivals - samurai and vampires.

Click here to download Bushido #1 for free!

From William Harms, writer of 39 Minutes, comes Impaler, a vampire tale like no other!

Click here to download Impaler #1 for free!

And who could forget Top Cow's leading lady, Sara Pezzini - the Witchblade! With its first issue published in 1995, Witchblade has been a part of Top Cow for a very long time, which is why issue #170 - the start of an all-new arc by Ron Marz, with cover by co-creator Marc Silvestri, is such a big deal!

Click here to download Witchblade #170 for free!

Last but not least, this year's free comic book day saw the zero issue of the main man Marc Silvestri's new original series, Rise of the Magi, a world-crossing, heroic tale of magic and adventure. If you didn't manage to grab yourself a copy on FCBD, fear not - we've got you covered until issue one hits the shelves.

Click here to download Rise of the Magi #0 for free!

One look at these free issues and we know you'll be hooked!

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