The 2015-2016 Talent Hunt is LIVE!

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The 2015-2016 Talent Hunt is LIVE!

Artifacts #40 The Talent Hunt is back again, aspiring creators - click here to read about it on Comic Book Resources!

If you've never participated in our Talent Hunt before, you can check out the rules below, but here's the rundown:

Breaking into comics is tough. So, every year, we at Top Cow run this Talent Hunt, as an opportunity for unpublished artists and writers to get a shot a showcasing their stuff and getting some real industry work. Basically, the way it works is this - if you're a writer, you submit a script for a Top Cow oneshot (this year, they must be set in the Aphrodite IX/Cyberforce universe), and if you're an artist, you can draw any 8 sequential pages from the 4 sample scripts. Pretty simple, right? You submit, we evaluate, and then we pick 2 winning writers, 2 winning artists, and 2 runner ups in each category. The winners get paid work on their own oneshot comic, and the runner-ups get paid to create backup stories. Bam!

Talent Hunt veterans, you should know that we've made a few changes this year.

First off, the submission period is much, much longer - we went live September 15th and our first deadline is January 15th. But here's the cool thing - if you submit by that first deadline, you'll actually receive a paragraph of feedback from us, and then we're giving you an additional 2 months to adjust your work based on that feedback - giving you a final deadline of May 15th. Pretty cool, right? And more good news for you vets - one winner in each category (writer and artist) will be selected from the pool of entrants who have submitted in previous years, because it's important to recognize artistic growth and hard work.

Unfortunately, because this is a much larger submission period that usual, the Talent Hunt will be taking a hiatus following the announcement of this year's winners - which means this could be your last chance (for at least a little while). So hop to it, yeah?

You can find the official rules in the link below. Please, PLEASE, read all of these rules carefully and completely before reaching out with questions, beginning your work, or submitting - it's important that you follow the below guidelines to a T.

Click here to download the official Top Cow 2015 - 2016 Talent Hunt full list of rules.

Additionally, just like last year, Comic Book Resources will be hosting an OFFICIAL Top Cow Talent Hunt Forum.

You should check that out - it's full of contestants helping each other out, and Matt Hawkins and Ryan Cady will periodically check on the thread to answer any questions they can.

Well, there you go - that about covers it. Read the rules, visit the forum, and get going! Happy creating, gang!

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