Calendar: Upcoming Comics
Title: Witchblade #164
When: 06.03.2013
Description: Story by: Tim Seeley
Art By: Diego Bernard & Fred Benes
Cover By: John Tyler Christopher
Variant Cover by: Diego Bernard & Fred Benes


Sara Pezzini moved to Chicago to escape her failures and to leave her demons behind her in New York. Her new life in the Windy City has been far more difficult and far stranger than she ever expected. Until now, her past has stayed buried. But when Rapture bearer Tom Judge and Darkness bearer Jackie Estacado come a knocking, Sara risks the discovery that her new life in Chi-town may not have been a decision that she made for herself.

Price: $2.99
Diamond ID: DEC120594
On Sale: February 13, 2013
Genres: Supernatural
Series: Witchblade