1. If you aren’t good at talking to people, you’ll need to bring someone that is
  2. Best opening is “hello” or “would you like a free ______”
  3. Best sales are always in the final hour of the day so don’t leave early
  4. Ask people what they like to read, let them tell you which of your books they’d be more interested in (what kind of movies do you like can be good too).
  5. Have 10 second and 60-second pitches for each book. With the 60 second know which key pages of art to show.
  6. Have a cheap entry level thing they can buy to try (or give for free)
  7. Have expensive quality items for your hardcore fans
  8. Have a variety of things. Some people like to choose.
  9. When you leave your table, leave a sign saying when you’ll be back. I do this and every time someone is waiting for me when I get back (at the time I indicate so don’t be late!)
  10. Take credit cards. With the square register there is no reason not to. You’re missing out on sales when you don’t.
  11. Hand a person talking to you a book to flip through
  12. Smile
  13. Make positive comments about their cosplay, kid, t-shirt and follow it up with a question. Where’d you get the shirt?
  14. Plan your calories. You need to eat to keep your energy level up
  15. Have a clear display of your name, best-known property (ies), even a single banner behind you is enough.
  16. Have something listing your social media. I have a “fan card” I give out that has my name and social media on it. Also good to give people who ask for your business card that you don’t want having your email or phone #
  17. Bring a small water bottle you can refill at the water fountain.
  18. If you’re getting angry, annoyed or are dead on your feet…take a break. Go walk around a bit. Bring a sheet or something to cover your table and as said earlier put a sign, be back at 3:30 or whatever
  19. Try and make people laugh. Try different things. Practice and come up with one-liners that will make people smile.
  20. Don’t be pushy. People come to comic conventions to chill. You can actively sell them without coming across as a used car salesman. And yes you have to “sell” most comic books don’t sell themselves.
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