Here are all the Top Cow comics you can find at your local comic shop this New Comics Wednesday, 4/3!


The second issue of the last ECLIPSE arch is here! This preview is just the tip of the melting iceberg, and you don’t want to miss a single panel!

A rebellious criminal gang holds the city’s solar electricity hostage, forcing our disillusioned heroes Bax and Cielo to gather their wills for one final showdown between the city’s self-interested leaders and the last person left alive with an immunity to the sun.

SEPTEMBER MOURNING: The Complete Edition

The Children of Faith have spoken! We are releasing the entire September Mourning series in one big collection. You can read the first issue for free here, or you can pre-order through our Top Cow Store!

In a world where Reapers prey on the souls of the living, imprisoning them in the shadow-land of Mortem, there is one last hope for humanity. Her name is September Mourning. Half human, half Reaper, she takes the souls of the wicked so the innocent can live again. September has joined forces with a woman who was murdered and restored to life, and a young blind girl who sees only the dead. Together, as The Trinity, they set out to fulfill a prophecy that will finally free all the lost souls trapped in Mortem.

In conjunction with the release of this book, September Mourning will be releasing new music via Sumerian Records which will bring further life to the storyline.



If you love The Wire or End of Watch, this is a must read!

As the media hypes police shootings around the country, Internal Affairs takes a closer look at Detective Christopher’s case. Can he get a fair shake? Meanwhile, things between Detective Christopher and Turn intensify, and someone ends up surrounded with no way out.


The epic second chapter to the critically acclaimed WITCHBLADE series is here, y’all.

Breaking a demon’s stranglehold on New York City was only the beginning for Alex and Team Witchblade. Now, somebody much worse than a demon wants the Artifact-and they’ll do anything to get it. Collects WITCHBLADE #7-12!

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