EST 2008

“Heart of ice, not so nice.  Heart of fire, just as dire.”

Created by: Ron Marz & Stjepan Sejic
Key Artists: Stjepan Sejic, Alessandro Vitti, and Facundo Percio

For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction.  For every The Darkness bearer there is an Angelus host.  And for every Glacier Stone there is an Ember Stone.  Michael Finnegan was hired by the former mob enforcer Jackie Estacado to do one thing: keep an eye on New York Police Detective Sara Pezzini and her baby.  He’s failed Jackie, and that’s something that you never want to do.

But when The Curator gives Michael a mysterious artifact free of charge, his life takes a turn.  Being in possession of one of the 13 Artifacts known simply as the Glacier Stone, Michael now has the ability to turn into was can only be described as an “ice giant.”  But before Michael can figure out what this means for him or whether or not he wants it, he is suddenly attacked by a woman named Glorianna Silver; the bearer of the Ember Stone.

Unbeknownst to him, the two are locked in an eternal battle dating back to the beginning of time itself.  Michael won’t give up because he doesn’t know how to back down from a fight. Glorianna, however, is on a mission.  Under the tutelage of Wulfgar Olafsson, Glorianna has trained in everything from the highest-level academics to the most brutal fighting arts with the sole purpose of gathering the 13 Artifacts.

Governments, prophets, and cults all vie for the possession and control of the scattered 13 Artifacts that balance the power of the universe.  Little do they know that together, the 13 Artifacts will end the universe.