EST 1992

“This isn’t a fight we asked for, but it’s one we can’t avoid.” ~Heatwave

Created by: Marc Silvestri
Story byMarc SilvestriMatt Hawkins
Key Artists: Marc Silvestri, Khoi Pham, Sal Regla, Sunny Gho, Stjepan Sejic
Genre: Action/Adventure/Sci-Fi

Granted superhuman abilities via cybernetic implants, they were created to be the pawns of a corrupt and evil corporation.  Free and united against their creators, they are known as Cyberforce.  Fighting the battles that are never reported by the major media conglomerates, they protect the world from total corporate takeover.  Outnumbered and outgunned in the struggle against international powers with limitless financial resources, the members of Cyberforce are never safe.

In this paranoid era of technological leaps and global connectivity, their formerly cutting-edge cybernetic implants have become obsolete compared to their enemies’ universal surveillance.  They hide among the general population and, although we aren’t aware of it, the global distribution of technology makes everyone a potential enemy of Cyberforce, including you.

Most of the current members of Cyberforce were wounded in battle and rebuilt by the corrupt Cyberdata Technologies Corporation to be sent back into war stronger than before.  During the reconstructive surgery to create each super-soldier of Cyberdata, a “brain box” was hardwired into the orbital frontal cortex, inhibiting the free will and decision-making process.  Built for ground warfare, each mind-controlled super-soldier, known as a S.H.O.C. (Special Hazardous Operations Cyborg), contributed to the victory of all past wars that received private military funding.

Insurgent handlers within Cyberdata freed the first S.H.O.C. troops to form a resistance.  Major Morgan Stryker and Dominique Thiebaut were the first to escape the mind-control devices of Cyberdata.  Founding Cyberforce as a resistance to Cyberdata, each successive S.H.O.C. troop freed from their “brain box” has been granted the choice to join the resistance.  Today, however, every enemy defeated by Cyberforce only serves to reveal a higher power of global manipulation.

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