Marc Silvestri

Silvestri began his career drawing issues for DC Comics and First Comics. He joined Marvel Comics in the early 1980’s working on titles like Spiderman, Conan The King and X-Men vs Avengers. In 1990, he began his classic run on The Uncanny X-Men working alongside writer Chris Claremont and inker Dan Green. He subsequently spent two years drawing its spin-off title Wolverine with writer Larry Hama. In 1992, Silvestri became one of the original seven artists- along with Jim Lee, Todd McFarlane, Rob Liefeld, Erik Larsen, Jim Valentino & Whilce Portacio – to form the breakaway comics company Image Comics. Silvestri’s first penciled published title through Image Comics, Cyberforce, was put out under his own imprint company, Top Cow Productions. Top Cow’s many successes include titles: Cyberforce, Witchblade, The Darkness, Inferno Hellbound, Artifacts and The Magdalena. In 2004, Silvestri made a brief return to Marvel to pencil all four issues and covers of The New X-Men, written by Grant Morrison. Later that year, he launched and drew a new hit title from Top Cow, called Hunter-Killer with writer Mark Waid. In 2008, the comic book: Wanted, published by Top Cow and created by Marc Millar was made into a feature film starring Angolina Jolie, Morgan Freeman & James MacAvoy. Marc also executive produced the Witchblade live action TV series, the Witchblade anime and the A-Team feature film as well as two highly successful video games based on The Darkness. In 2009, Marc contributed to the crossover miniseries Image United, drawing all the characters he created through Top Cow at Image that were featured in the story. In 2011, Marc collaborated with writer Jason Aaron on Marvel’s The Incredible Hulk, Asunder issues #1, #2 and #3. Over the years, Marc has contributed to many other Top Cow titles such as: Aphrodite IX, Codename: Strykeforce and Rise of the Magi. In 2022, DC Comics released the seven-issue Magnum Opus, Batman and The Joker: The Deadly Duo that Marc wrote, penciled, and inked. The hit series was colored by Arif Prianto and starred Troy Peteri. Marc is currently writing and drawing covers for the new The Darkness series reboot debuting in October of 2024 as well as covers for the Witchblade series reboot premiering July 2024.

Los Angeles, California

Founder and CEO of Top Cow Productions