Think Tank

Dr. David Loren is many things: child prodigy, inventor, genius, slacker… mass murderer. When a military think tank’s smartest scientist decides he can no longer stomach creating weapons of destruction, will he be able to think his way out of his dilemma or find himself subject to the machinations of smaller men?

“THINK TANK grabs you from the very beginning and has you begging for more by the end.  A great introduction to a new character and a new world.  A must-have for anyone who wants something cool… and who doesn’t want that?” Robert Kirkman, writer of THE WALKING DEAD

“Brainy, all-too-believable modern-day sci-fi, equal parts entertaining and engaging.  Real Genius with some sharp damn teeth.  Not your typical Top Cow, but every bit as good.”  John Layman, Eisner Award winning writer of CHEW

“THINK TANK will do for science what Transmetropolitan did for journalism.” Rich Johnston, Bleeding Cool Magazine

“If science is your thing and you’re looking for a comic to enable a scientific geekout, then give THINK TANK a peek.”  Comic Book Resources

“When it comes to the art, Ekedal kills it… His moody, grey-washed style is absolutely gorgeous.” IGN

“I’m getting a little fanboyish just describing it and am having trouble writing down anything that isn’t “THIS IS SO COOL,” so I’ll leave it at that…” One Geek Nation

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